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XALSER Closes Out 2022 With Amazing ‘Terrified’!

Having not released any music for the first 10 months of the year, XALSER finally unveiled new music when he dropped ‘Hit Me Up’ on November 25th. Now, not making us wait any longer, the American producer brings us yet another stunning single in the form of ‘Terrified’.

XALSER is a highly talented and diverse artist from the USA. Always striving to step outside his comfort zone and take inspiration from different sections of dance music, XALSER has excelled in the styles of pop dance, bass, dubstep, and house, among others. Due to this diversity and his dedication to always improving in the studio, XALSER has treated us to some amazing releases and gained notoriety in the dance music scene, gaining over 700,000 streams in the process.

For his latest single, XALSER continues the deep house vibe that he set with ‘Hit Me Up’. On ‘Terrified’, however, the overall vibe and atmosphere that the track brings is a brighter one as female vocal samples and a groovy bassline take center stage. In all of the subtle elements, XALSER pairs those two main elements with the perfect sounds and samples, making sure that the single shines and it certainly does so. Another amazing release, XALSER ends 2022 on a high with this one.

Stream this single below and on all major platforms here.

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