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XVI Releases Awesome New EP Titled ‘INSPIRE’!

With the rise in popularity of electronic dance music, there has also been a rise in emerging producers within the scene. As the average age of successful artists comes down, so does the average age of producers and DJs looking to make a name for themselves in the industry. One artist entering the scene and hoping she can make it big is XVI. Entering the scene at a young age, this French upstart has officially kickstarted her career in 2020 with the release of her first EP, ‘INSPIRE’.

With this release, XVI has debuted an incredibly innovative and unique signature sound. Deciding to use an underlay of rhythmic drums and low lying bass lines, XVI combines these deep sounds with creative top line synths that add tons of atmosphere into the mix. With the unique synths, XVI plays with them in a fun way that while listening with headphones, the sounds bounce around as if you were editing them yourself. A unique and innovative opening to her career, make sure to keep a close eye on XVI in the near future.

Stream this EP below.

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