Yabculture Closes Out The Year With Awesome Single ‘Feelin’ Lucky’!

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Yabculture Closes Out The Year With Awesome Single ‘Feelin’ Lucky’!

2020 proved to be a massive year for the career of Yabculture, the American artist opened the year with a hip hop single titled ‘Microwave’ alongside Sean Pharo and then quickly switched up his production style to house with his next release ‘Groovebox’. Since then, Yabculture has been working hard in the studio to create funky and unique singles and the hard work has certainly been on show, most notably with releases such as ‘Today Is Tomorrow’ and ‘Sunday Walks With Baxter’, which recently crossed 100,000 streams on Spotify.

For his latest outing, Yabculture closes out a big year in grand style with ‘Feelin’ Lucky’. Yabculture uses creative ways to play with synths that reverbs through out the single and makes us enjoy the single even more. This creativity is matched with a sense of cleanliness as the production mix in question compliments the synths and sounds used to perfection. Yet another statement release, this single is sure to make you add Yabculture to your ones to watch in 2021 lists.

Stream this single below.

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