Zyranox Drops Epic Remix Of ‘Chlorine’ By Twenty One Pilots!

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Zyranox Drops Epic Remix Of ‘Chlorine’ By Twenty One Pilots!

Many new up and coming artists are releasing their fresh production on Soundcloud with the hopes of becoming the next super star DJ. With it becoming increasingly easier to upload and share your music across the world, it can be harder for you to stand out from the crowd. Releasing remixes is a good way to combat this with Guatemalan producer Zyranox treating us to a really nice and solid remix of ‘Chlorine’ by Twenty One Pilots. With the original single gaining over 100 million streams, it is not an easy task to take on this sort of remix.

Zyranox takes this track and puts his own special touch to it. Taking the break beat tone of the original and upping the energy along with adding electronic elements set the tone and vibe for this remix. The suspense is built towards the drop which does not disappoint as the producer uses creative vocal chops and combines them with deep and powerful synths to bring this remix to the next level. Keep a close eye on this producer in the near future.

Stream this single below.

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