Access Code Closes Out The Year With The Amazing Single ‘Moon on Earth’ With Bellsavvy!

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Access Code Closes Out The Year With The Amazing Single ‘Moon on Earth’ With Bellsavvy!

Having announced this brand new single a couple of weeks ago, the anticipation for ‘Moon on Earth’ has been through the roof. Now closing an amazing year, Access Code finally brings us the release alongside vocalist Bellsavvy. Originally planned to never be released as it was made for a special person, after getting the vocals from Bellsavvy, she decided the world must hear it. An elegant piece of dance music with catchy and memorable melodies, Access Code used simplicity to her advantage as she lets the message behind the single do the talking.

“When I started making ‘Moon on Earth’, it wasn’t for release purposes. I made the song to give as a gift to someone. As I wasn’t thinking about releasing the song, the arrangement was very basic, the melodies are characteristic of my project, they are cuddly, sentimental, always refer to emotion. I made the drop very subtle because as it was a gift, I was inspired by the musical style of the person in question.” said Access Code. She continued: “After almost 1 year and a half since I produced the song, by chance of fate, I met Bellsavvy and we were aligned on the same proposal of how the song could be and she was on board with all my ideas, unlike other artists who wanted to modify the music in their own way and I did not want that, I didn’t want the purpose to be left behind. The song is a gift and any collaboration on it should fit the initial proposal.”

2021 has been a massive year for Access Code and this single is the perfect way to top it all off. After a jam-packed summer making her mark on the isle of Ibiza, Access Code gained a nomination for the Forbes Brazil Under30 list. A female artist on the rise, she has been gaining notoriety all over the world as her music and her actions are making their mark.

Stream this single below and download it here.

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