Kysigo Links Up With Adro & Ayla For Stunning Release ‘FLUO’!

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Kysigo Links Up With Adro & Ayla For Stunning Release ‘FLUO’!

Having made his debut in spectacular fashion with his first single ‘Falling’ in 2020, Kysigo followed it up with an even more amazing single in the form of ‘FLUO’, created together with Adro and Ayla. Showing that his first hit was no fluke, Kysigo was determined to knock this one out of the park too and he did just that, delivering an emotional and powerful future bass anthem.

With his debut single a hit, the pressure for Kysigo to follow it up with something spectacular was super high and he took that pressure and thrived from it. He thrived from it so much that he ended up making it bigger than expected with ‘FLUO’ taking the spot for his most listened to single, reigning in over 200,000 streams in the 9 months since its release.

‘FLUO’ is a true future bass gem, with each artist bringing their a-game to proceedings. Their ability to blend emotion with gripping melodies and vocals throughout and combining it with raw power with the basslines and kicks is a testament to each producer’s skills. Combining effortlessly, Kysigo, Adro, and Ayla make the perfect team and their sound will resonate with thousands across the globe. We just have to hope that this isn’t the last time we hear a collaboration from these three.

Stream this single below.

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