Access Code Delivers Sublime Energetic Single ‘Codex’!

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Access Code Delivers Sublime Energetic Single ‘Codex’!

Innovating the international electronic music scene, Access Code, aka Carol Vitti has released her first video clip of a trilogy inspired by Matrix. Carol Vitti, currently voted the 6th best Brazilian DJ, also a music producer of only 23 years, began her project “Access Code” exactly 1 year ago. Her first hit ‘Endurance’, reached international heights and led to her rise in the European market and major events in Ibiza last year. Access Code combines house music influences with European trance, delivering groovy beats and melodies full of emotion, a kind of melodic house and trance hybrid. Until now, it is not known what exact genre Access Code likes to release the most, which makes her a worldwide prominence, for her musical authenticity.

‘Codex’, the artist’s first videoclip, inspired by the movie Matrix, seeks to deliver emotion and awaken curiosity to the public about the supposed “access code” that is the identity of her project. ‘Codex’ mainly incorporates elements of psy trance and progressive trance, with melodies inspired by electro house and the atmosphere of Tomorrowland.

The videoclip was the artist’s and her label’s biggest project, Blue Dream Music Group. It counted with a pre production of exactly 5 months and post production of almost 3. More than 85 professionals were hired for the production of the video and the post production process passed through the hands of one of the greatest directors of Paris Films, Giulia Rezende.

‘Codex’ counts with hundreds of futuristic special effects, which was by Felipe Zuckermann, video editor of one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world, Ultra Music. Access Code produced a premiere of the clip at a party in São Paulo/Brazil, reserved for only 50 guests, among them were famous media names like Paula Kaprina (Universal Music Manager), Haley Curei (Netflix) and several influential digital artists like Ana Ju Elvira, Babi Brandão, Duda Domiciano.

Stream the official music video below.

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