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Alden Song Brings Tech House Vibes With ‘The Feeling’s Right’

Alden Song unleashes his signature sound with his latest Tech House release, ‘The Feeling’s Right’. Fast establishing himself within the realm of House music as an innovative addition, one who continues to push sonic boundaries with high-energy releases and live performances, Alden Song is surely an unstoppable force when it comes to showcasing his creativity, and this newest single serves as a credit to this; a production that epitomises his signature style, offering a high-impact soundscape, ‘The Feeling’s Right’ is no doubt poised to excite dancefloors with its pounding beats, catchy hooks, and infectious sound.

Originally hailing from New York, Alden Song has fostered a decade of experience on the music scene, carving out an exciting musical journey that has seen him taking to stages across the city, like Cielo, Space Ibiza NY, and Pink Elephant, expanding his reach with several performances in Los Angeles; as he grows a reputation as a talented DJ on both the East and West Coast of the USA, Alden Song continues to build his production catalogue, adding original House tracks and captivating remixes that serve to highlight his talents. With a signature sound that blends Classic House with Modern House details, incorporating in elements from Electronic Dance Music, Alden Song maintains originality throughout his work, showcasing his innate abilities with each of his productions. Now, as he drops ‘The Feeling’s Right’, Alden Song ensures he brings dancefloor energy with a track that is as compelling in vibes as it is in sound.

Opening with a thumping beat, driving pads, and an infectious vocal hook, ‘The Feeling’s Right’ keeps the intensity climbing as energetic risers and building rhythms lead into the first drop. Featuring bouncy chordal lines, a dynamic bass, and repeated melodic riffs, the production keeps the momentum propelling forward, taking the listener on a thrilling sonic journey through impactful grooves, uplifting synths, and processed vocal layers. With party-starter energy from the very start, ‘The Feeling’s Right’ is surely a must-listen for any lover of House music as it offers a listening experience that shines a light on Alden Song’s own magnetising vibes and lively style.

Make sure to keep watching Alden Song, as he promises to keep raising the bar with bold productions and live performances by staying up-to-date with him via social media. ‘The Feeling’s Right’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms.

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photo credit: Robert Albion Zeigler

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