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ALOK And Bloodline Link Up With The Vamps For The Spring Smash ‘Another You’!

Leading on from their epic collaboration, ‘All The Lies’, that eclipsed over 100 million Spotify streams and Top 10 airplay across the globe, ALOK and The Vamps reunite once again with family duo BLOODLINE for the stirring, emotive ‘Another You’.

As a merger that crosses a multitude of genres, from ALOK’s deeper dance soundscapes, over to the vocals of The Vamps that stir and fortify the release with a rapturous element, BLOODLINE bring in their trademark elements of raw-meets-rock-influenced atmospherics that intertwine, as one, with a slick finish. As the vocals “If you’re not the one/ I’ll find me another you” tell the tale, synth lines swell as hi-hats simmer like molten oil in a hot pan, building tension and suspense before breaking down into a full-bodied, deep-dive of classy, darker house. Radio-ready, yet unique in its originality thanks to each artists’ input, ‘Another You’ is set to alight the ensuing Spring and Summer months!

‘Another You’ comes at a time for the collective trio of acts when their careers and accolades speak for themselves; take ALOK, South America’s biggest dance artist that recently surpassed 3 billion solo artist streams, over to The Vamps also skyrocketing to 4 billion streams respectively, becoming the first band to headline London’s epic o2 Arena five years in a row as one of the largest UK pop acts in recent memory. Add into the cocktail BLOODLINE, who should certainly be an act on the rise and on your radar, have recently also made an impression across Europe appearing in charts in Germany, Austria, and Poland, and racking up over 3 million streams.

As ‘Another You’ follows on from ALOK’s previous releases including ‘Don’t Say Goodbye’ with Tove Lo and ‘Love Again’ with VIZE and Alida, BLOODLINE have also made recent waves on ‘U GOT ME’ with DJ DHALI, as The Vamps recent album ‘Cherry Blossom’ flew atop of the UK charts at #1! make no mistake, ‘Another You’ is a smash set to dominate the season!

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