DMKZ Debuts Official Music Video ‘Not Feeling in the Dark’!

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DMKZ Debuts Official Music Video ‘Not Feeling in the Dark’!

Brazilian DJ and Producer DMKZ debuts the official video for the new track “Not Feeling In The Dark”, this Friday, April 16, on the artist’s official YouTube channel – DMKZ Music. The song was released in February independently by Universal Music’s Spinnup, has the vocals of Vitório Contri and already has more than 107 thousand streams on Spotify.

The filming of the music video for “Not Feeling In The Dark” took place in Belgium where the artist lives, in the Ardennes and Nivelles regions and took place over three days. The video was in charge of the producer Mediamasca and was made by director Mascarenhas Rodrigues. 

“How the story of the video started is the result of a team that is with me at all times. In the middle of a pandemic, when everything seems to be more difficult, without being able to travel, I had the song produced “Not Feeling In The Dark” and with my manager we wrote the video script in just 1 hour. Then we contacted professionals I liked to be involved in the project and we were lucky to meet super interesting people who accepted the invitation. The video clip was recorded in 3 days, right here in Belgium, we got amazing scenes and that’s very rewarding. I’m very happy with the end result of my first video and I invite everyone to watch it on my YouTube channel: DMKZ Music” refers the artist DMKZ.

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