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Anigma Make Their Debut With An Exceptional New Progressive Track ‘Time’!

After a notable hiatus since their 2020 Sunset Mix of ‘Hide U’, Anigma triumphantly returns with their debut single, ‘Time’. 3 years on and the melodic progressive house sound that we heard in their first mix is on full show, with the duo crafting and perfecting the sound to make it even better.

Having been supported by Showtek on Skink Radio, Anigma sets a high standard with ‘Time’, showcasing the best of this Australian duo’s talent. The track masterfully embarks on an progressive journey, spotlighting male vocals while weaving in sophisticated melodic elements. The track kicks into the next gear for each drop, as the duo introduces irresistible synths and melodies that harmonize with the vocals. As the track unfolds, additional layers are adeptly integrated, enhancing the mix and culminating in a flawless finish.

With ‘Time’, Anigma has made an indelible mark in the melodic and progressive house landscape. Eagerly, we anticipate more sonic delights from the duo, hoping their next release graces our sound systems soon.

Stream this single below and on all other platforms here.

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