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Released 12 Years Ago: Avicii – Levels (Skrillex Remix)

Twelve years ago, a groundbreaking remix emerged in the electronic music world: Skrillex‘s remix of Avicii‘s iconic track ‘Levels’. This remix marked a unique fusion of Avicii‘s melodious and uplifting style with Skrillex‘s signature high-energy, bass-heavy approach. The release of this remix not only celebrated the originality of Avicii‘s work but also showcased Skrillex‘s ability to transform a track into something entirely new, while still respecting the essence of the original.

Avicii, a Swedish DJ and producer, had already gained worldwide acclaim with ‘Levels’, a track that became synonymous with the rise of EDM in the early 2010s. His ability to blend catchy melodies with electronic beats made ‘Levels’ a festival and club favorite, resonating with audiences globally. Skrillex, known for his groundbreaking work in the dubstep genre, brought a new dimension to ‘Levels’ with his remix. The American artist’s distinct sound, characterized by aggressive basslines and complex, choppy rhythms, added a dynamic and intense layer to the already popular track.

The ‘Levels’ remix by Skrillex served as a bridge between two different styles within the electronic music realm, appealing to fans of both artists and contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of EDM. It’s a testament to the creative possibilities that arise when artists with different sounds collaborate, creating something that is not only new but also a respectful homage to the original. This remix stands as a notable moment in the history of electronic dance music, showcasing the innovative spirit that drives the genre forward.

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