ANNA Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Orbital ‘Belfast’ With Two Powerful Remixes On London Records!

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ANNA Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of Orbital ‘Belfast’ With Two Powerful Remixes On London Records!

Brazilian techno superstar ANNA unveils two remixes of Orbital’s seminal ‘Belfast’ on November 10th, 30 years after the original’s emotive energy began to captivate clubbers.

ANNA may have been only six years old when ‘Belfast’ was first released, but she certainly understands Orbital in their purest form. Her powerful ‘Techno Remix’ injects earthy heft with rattling, tribal drums underpinning the iconic melodies of the original, giving off a fittingly strident update on ‘90s techno aesthetics. ANNA’s ‘Ambient Remix’ strips things back and hones in on the production’s captivating leads and enigmatic vocals, offering a laid-back but enthralling take.

Brazil-born and Barcelona-based, ANNA is in high global demand – having won “Best Breakthrough Artist 2016” at DJ Awards in Ibiza. ANNA creates success out of everything she turns to whether producing originals for well-respected labels, remixing top-flight acts, or moving dancefloors the world over. Recent releases on the likes of Diynamic, Turbo Recordings, RUKUS, plus remixes for the likes of Tiga, Audion, Matador, and Reboot are cementing ANNA’s rightful place at the forefront of dance music and a credibility validated around the world after years of hard work and uncompromising dedication. ANNA firmly believes that everyone has a purpose, and at the age of 14 she found her own calling; growing up behind the controls of her father’s popular nightclub in Brazil, absorbing the clubbing atmosphere and developing a strong connection to music. Having not much of a reference point for underground music in her father’s nightclub DJ booth, it took moving to Sao Paulo for ANNA to dive into the electronic music scene – quickly joining a local booking agency and getting to grips with producing her own original tracks. Hard work often isn’t glamorous, especially in the face of financial difficulties and playing for free at a young age, but ANNA’s persistence and love for what she does began to pay off.

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