Anthony Kojo Brings The Heat With New Instrumental Single ‘Flames’!

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Anthony Kojo Brings The Heat With New Instrumental Single ‘Flames’!

Following the release of his album, ‘it’s not for you’, and the more recent single ‘Sleep’, Anthony Kojo continues on his venture in electronic music with the release of ‘Flames’. It is the second single released by Kojo this year within the EDM genre.

Anthony Kojo is from the metropolitan area of Washington DC but has been active in personal music production within New York City area. Operating within at-home studios and in-box techniques, he has continued more concentrated creative efforts since 2016. An avid listener and fan of a multitude of genres, Kojo has always dabbled in music production since his teenage years.

In the past year, Anthony Kojo collaborated with Xian Paul for the release of the single ‘Awe’, a track in which he provided production for. It appears as he is currently stepping away from collaborative efforts more recently with independent releases and production within the electronic genre. A considered techno fusion track, ‘Flames’ appears to be another step for Kojo in EDM.

Stream this single below.

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