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Anthony Pears Drops Huge 4-Track EP Titled ‘Worldwide’!

Anthony Pears is the guy known for having some massive tricks up his sleeve, and now he’s ready to take on the dance hit charts with his brand new 4-track EP titled ‘Worldwide’. Released on February 2nd, ‘Worldwide’ contains four club-focused tech/bass house bangers, each representing a different level of Anthony Pears madness, with his signature heavy-hitting grooves and nostalgic use of classic rave synths and vocal samples!

The first track is titled ‘Amsterdam’, and with its groovy, psychedelic atmosphere, this track truly speaks for itself! Starting off, expect to be enticed with a classic tech-house 909 groove that blends with a euro-house synth that will take you back to the 90s. Pears also adds influences of acid-house with well-fitting vocal chops to fill space and really add to the “Amsterdam rave scene” atmosphere.

The second track from the British DJ/Producer is titled, ‘Bass is Loud’! This bass house banger features an aggressive bassline giving bass house fans exactly what they want. This song is perfect to bring the energy back up during a set: high energy, heavy groove. After taking on the first drop the track soon switches up to a breakbeat allowing listeners to gain some composure before dropping right back into the assertive second drop.

‘Desert Storm’ is the third track and showcases some of Pears‘ best work! First catching attention through appealing synth stabs, Pears then reintroduces his classic 909 tech-house drum work back into the mix. Resembling an auditory climax of events such as the real-life war in the 1990s, this track will take listeners on a journey! His fourth and final track from the ‘Worldwide’ EP is a French house/tech house fusion named ‘Paris’! It’s the most versatile track on the new EP. ‘Paris’ is the type of track that could easily be enjoyed both at underground warehouse raves and at Paris fashion shows. Introducing live elements, the track features a rigorous jazz saxophone adding to the swing and intensity of the song.

Anthony Pears has had a massive past year with NoFace Records and was an inaugural member of the NoFace Academy in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this past summer. And when he’s not spending his time creating club bangers and DJing, the multi-faceted man is also an experienced, professional tattoo artist.

Stream this single below.

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