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Mesa & Boss Return To Mystery Freedom Network With A Massive 2-Track EP Titled ‘No More’!

Mesa & Boss have returned for their first release of the year, and it’s some of their best work to date! Bringing the ultimate tech and deep house vibes with this one, Mesa & Boss have unveiled a 2-track EP titled ‘No More’ via Mystery Freedom Network! The American-based duo started to gain major support last year with their previous release ‘Closer’, which also dropped via Mystery Freedom Network.

This EP features their track, ‘No More’, and the accompanying remix from The Alt. Ego. The original mix starts off heavy-grooved and is bound to keep a listener hooked. Soon after, they introduce an alluring vocal that is the essential “cherry on top” for this song! This track is almost seductive with its combination of an addictive deep house bassline, smooth female vocals, and heavy-hitting tech house drums. This track could be seen being a club favorite with the track’s captivating dynamics and nice flow of tension and release that’s bound to keep the dance floor moving whether mid-set or when trying to hype a crowd back up.

The Alt. Ego remix adds a nice layer of interpretation to the original mix. Likewise, to the original track, the remix starts right off with a heavy drum groove. Featuring a new style of synths, the sound design in this one is purely deep house magic and the mix is top-notch. Also adding eerie pads and rave synths, the Alt Ego. Remix contains a little more atmosphere that nonetheless is carried by the relentless bassline.

Check out this EP below.

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