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ARTBAT Talk About Being Back Performing, Their Evolving Sound, Their New Label & More!

ARTBAT are the high-flying Ukrainian duo who over the last few years have taken the electronic music world by storm. Huge hits on Diynamic, Afterlife, and Sony Music have rocketed them to the forefront of the melodic techno scene, and they have toured all over the world many times. Now announcing their own new imprint UPPERGROUND, we spoke to them about their first release ‘Flame’ and what they plan the ethos of the label to be.

Hey guys, great to meet you! How does it feel to be back playing proper gigs again? How much did you miss them?

It feels amazing and liberating to be honest. We missed it a lot of course it’s our passion. It gives us drive to see people dancing and smiling to our music. The past year and more has been challenging for everyone. Therefore, it’s an absolute pleasure to perform in front of bigger audiences again. Nothing beats the interaction and reaction of an enthusiastic crowd.

What did you learn about yourselves or about the dance music scene in the last 18 months? 

How important it is to the people, how it brings people together and how badly it was missed and needed. Everyone needs music and dance. This is what makes almost everyone globally happy. Patience, was very much important the past 1.5 years. Everyone has learned and found out more about each other – so we did as well. First and foremost it’s important that the world sticks together and finds solutions as unity.

How have the last six years been since your first single? Did you ever dream they would go like this?

They always say dream big but walk your path. We just never gave up and if you never give up you will succeed eventually. Believe in yourself, believe in your talents and you can achieve everything you want in life. The last six years have been like a dream that become reality. It all started with a vision and the goal to represent our country Ukraine in the electronic dance music world. 

How has your sound changed in that time, how has it evolved? 

We think our supporters can and should judge that better 🙂 

Tell us about the new single Flame, the first release on your brand new label UPPERGROUND – what inspired it, what’s the vibe, who and where is it for?

It’s the idea of being reborn, a dramatic track with a lot of emotions, resembling freedom and lifting off to the next stage. 

And the new label, why was now the right time to start it? What is the aim of it? 

Well, not only can we release our own music and market and present it exactly the way we want to, but also it gives us the opportunity to release other artists, and present those artists to our fans.

Will it become a place for others to release, with label parties, merchandise and so on or is it just about the music?

Again – music is key, but of course we want to share the passion, vibe and love with everyone. Exciting times are ahead of us and we can’t wait to share everything with everyone.

As a duo who does what, does each of you take care of certain aspects of the production or do you both do everything?

Everything is team work and that is key for a successful collaboration. Stick together – you always have your best friend with you, you’re not on your own always in good company. We always have fun, discussing ideas, helping each other to be in good mood in general, also much more ideas can be created and tried out instantly.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Some real cool originals, but also some amazing collaborations with some real talented artists. Stay tuned 🙂

Check out ‘Flame’ below:

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