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AstroVoyager And Marco Grenier Link Up On Melodic Gem ‘In That Flash’!

When it comes to bringing styles and elements together, there’s nothing quite like electronic music. It’s a space where creative artists can push the boundaries of imagination, and this is precisely what AstroVoyager and Marco Grenier have achieved with their latest collaborative single, ‘In That Flash’. This track brilliantly marries atmospheric elements with electronic melodies and sounds to produce a one-of-a-kind sonic experience.

‘In That Flash’ isn’t an entirely new single but a rework of the track ‘In a Flash’ from AstroVoyager‘s ‘Mission SuperHabitable’ album, which featured a total of 24 tracks. AstroVoyager and Marco Grenier handpicked this particular song for their imaginative reinterpretation.

In this rendition, Marco Grenier elevates AstroVoyager‘s electro-symphonic sound to a whole new level, conjuring a potent, atmospheric ambiance. The collaboration also comes with an immersive Dolby Atmos mix, available for those with compatible devices. Here, synths and AstroVoyager‘s ethereal classical instruments intermingle with vibrant electro percussion, seamlessly weaving in Marco Grenier‘s spatial breaks. The result is a mesmerizing journey that captures the unpredictable essence of this dynamic duo.

What makes this partnership even more remarkable is the backstory. Seven years after their initial encounter, which took place during Jean-Michel Jarre‘s international Electronica Tour and Marco‘s opening party, Marco Grenier and AstroVoyager have once again joined forces to take us on an extraordinary musical voyage.

Stream this single below.

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