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Sunrayz  Releases Nostalgic Summer-Driven Single ‘Cruisin’!

Dance music possesses the unique ability to transcend time and season, making it a genre cherished by many. One particular time that resonates with people’s hearts is the warm embrace of a summer day, harmonized with the uplifting sounds of dance music. Among the artists who flawlessly capture this vibe is Sunrayz, who unveils his latest single, ‘Cruisin.’

Crafted from a place of nostalgia and summer memories, ‘Cruisin’ is a musical embodiment of the feel-good spirit of the season. It weaves catchy and memorable vocals into its composition, elevating the listener’s experience. Each element within the mix is meticulously crafted, reflecting the careful attention to detail that Sunrayz has dedicated to this single.

In Sunrayz‘s own words, “When I wrote Cruisin’, I was immersed in the nostalgia of summer vibes, and I wanted to encapsulate that feeling in a tropical house song. With my acoustic guitar in hand, I began strumming and recording, ultimately coming up with the main riff that exuded the essence of summer. The lyrics and vocals further brought out the summertime ambiance. The entire production process of ‘Cruisin’ took place in my home studio, where I used Logic Pro X to craft this musical journey.”

He continued by expressing his future plans, saying, “Following ‘Cruisin,’ I have a lineup of tropical house releases in the pipeline, and I’m eager to share them. Countless hours have been poured into my home studio to shape these songs, and the synergy within my team is clearly reflected in the music. As I embark on these projects, I also hope to collaborate with fellow artists, pushing the boundaries of creativity and expanding my unique sound.”

Sunrayz‘s ‘Cruisin’ not only encapsulates the spirit of summer but also reflects the artist’s commitment to creating an exceptional listening experience. With the promise of more tropical house releases on the horizon, Sunrayz is poised to continue serenading us with the melodies of the season.

Stream this single below.

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