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Atomic Bass And KaJo Black Link Up On New Single ‘Friends’!

With his latest single, ‘Live As One’, still shining bright, Atomic Bass returns for his second outing in 2023, this time collaborating once again with long-time partner KaJo Black on their newest track, ‘Friends’. Having previously worked together on successful singles like ‘Keep Me Up All Night’, ‘Dream Of Me’, and their most recent release, ‘Coming Home’, these two artists have consistently demonstrated their perfect musical synergy.

Their latest single, ‘Friends’, was conceived during the COVID era and has been in development for over two years. The track aims to evoke nostalgic feelings of the good times spent partying, creating lasting memories, and simply having fun. It serves as a reminder that as time passes, people grow apart, and those cherished moments may become increasingly rare.

From a production standpoint, ‘Friends’ is an uplifting vocal progressive house anthem that is bound to ignite dance floors. The combination of captivating vocals, uplifting melodies, and energetic synths reaches its peak during the drop, where the intensity is amplified by a pulsating kick and bassline. This impressive release further solidifies Atomic Bass and KaJo Black as rising stars to keep an eye on in the music industry.

Stream this single below.

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