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Avi Sic Talks About Her New Radio Show, Goals For 2022, Musical Bucketlist & More!

Avi Sic is already one of the leading names in the electronic music world. Switching from concert venues to world-class clubs and high-profile events, Avi Sic has made her way and claimed her space as a talented, uncompromising, and ever-experimenting DJ and producer. With releases, tours, and her own radio show ‘Late Checkout’, Avi seems to be getting busy while releasing top-tier tracks and projects for her followers. We sat down with Avi Sic to ask her more about what’s in store for her in the near future.

Hey Avi, first off, how are you doing?
I’m great, super busy, and happy.

What should we expect this year in terms of releases and new projects?

Lots of good stuff on the horizon. I have a handful of releases in the works, a new weekly radio show, and several exciting collaborations. Also playing gigs nonstop in between.

We heard that ‘Late Checkout’ radio show was launched in January – what shall we expect around this project?
Yeah, really pumped on the radio show. It’s very – expect the unexpected. It’s an open format show with a strong emphasis on Electronic music. Basically it gives me a platform to showcase music I’m excited about and also my DJ style. I’m breaking a lot of rare cuts and exclusive edits and personal mashups. It’s a very energetic hour.

The first month is looking solid for your radio show. Where would you like to take this project?
Eventually I’m going to have guest artists showcase mixes – these will be artists I appreciate and admire. Since it’s open format, there will be a range of talent and genres. As the show garners more steam, I’d love to pitch it to a major channel like Sirius or Dash. I think there is a space for it for sure.

Any collaborations in mind for this year?
Yes! Currently working on a collab with Cafe Disco. Really excited to share this one. It’s different for sure.

How’s touring looking for you in 2022? Where can we see you play?
Touring is looking very strong. You can catch me in Chicago, NYC, Denver, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, and several California cities in the coming months.

Have you set any specific goals for 2022?
The major goal this year is to keep the momentum strong and continue to put out quality content. Achieving this by touring, having a weekly radio show, doing guest mixes and of course releasing some cool original music.

Tell us 3 things we’d find on your music career bucket list.
Having my radio show get picked up on a major platform – I think Diplo’s Revolution would be a great fit for it. Playing big room shows and more festivals, and collaborating with Madonna.

Check out episode 1 of ‘Late Checkout’ below.

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