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Ken Bauer Speaks About His Latest Release, How He Writes His Tracks, The Best Advice He Has Received & More!

Consolidating his place as an artist to be followed up close and one of the freshest up-and-coming artists hailing from Sweden, Ken Bauer keeps releasing heavy-hitting tracks that exude quality and his own characteristic sound. This time, Ken Bauer answers some questions around his latest release ‘Iron’, a future rave-inspired track, with house elements that brings a punch of energy to the
worldwide dancefloor. This is what Ken Bauer had to say about ‘Iron’ and what’s to come for him this year.

Hi Ken, great to hear from you. How are you?
I am doing great. I just finished my first episode of my new radio show.

Does ‘Iron’ have a story behind it?
The theme is about pushing yourself to do the things that you are worried or afraid to do, but that would make you grow as a person if you did it.

Can we hear any of your musical influences in the track?
Well, they are all over the place and I did co-write the vocals. So, there is a lot of Ken Bauer DNA in the track.

How does ‘Iron’ differ to some of your other pieces?
This track started out with super talented producer Ozen reaching out to me asking if I would like to collaborate on the track. I just loved the powerful anthem that was already in there. The track was an instrumental and I recorded vocals and added some Future Rave elements to it, and it all turned out to be a highly supported Club & Radio Anthem.

How long did ‘Iron’ take to make?
From first contact to the process of recording and adding vocals I would say about 3-4 months.

What do you feel is the most important element in releasing a track?
First of all, the track needs to be good. Second, I always ask myself, would I play this track myself in a club or on my radio show? Then it is all about sending the track to all your fellow DJ & Producers as well as Tastemakers to give the track a good start.

Do you have a typical process when writing a song?
First, I randomly select a key of the track. Then I start with adding a kick in the key and then, I add background ambience. When I have a nice soundscape going, I start with getting the rhythm and a simple melody in place so that I can program a nice synth sound. Then I complete the basic arrangement. After finishing the arrangement, I start tweaking the melody until it feels just right.

Who would you love to collaborate with in 2022?
I would love to collaborate with one of the upcoming Future Rave producers such as Yantosh, Jones Vendera, Nanoviola & ALEX LNDN to name a few.

Whose creative opinion do you trust the most when it comes to your music?
I have three people I always listen to. Frankie boy (Zen World), Olly James & Sonny Bass. The problem all the time though is that they always give me three different suggestions, so I always need to trust myself in the end anyway. But I really value their opinions and ideas.

How do you balance producing with your other responsibilities?
Oh, this is a tough one. Right now, I am spending way less time than I would like to producing music. My radio show, label and other companies take a lot of time and work as well. I really wish I become better at prioritizing time in the studio.

What are your opinions on sampling?
Go for it as long as you don’t break any laws.

What is the best piece of advice anyone has given to you?
Focus on the positive things you have accomplished instead of feeling bad for all the things you haven’t accomplished (yet).

Can you let us in on what else you’ve got planned for this year?
I am launching my new radio show “Ken Bauer’s Power Hour” and I am expanding my label “Future Rave Music” allowing for more releases from upcoming as well as established Future Rave artists.

Listen to ‘Iron’ below or on your preferred platform here.

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