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BETAWELT Release Debut Ep ‘My Body’

Making a welcome entrance to the dance music world, BETAWELT presents their brand new, 5-track EP titled ‘My Body’. With this debut the duo make the perfect first impression, taking listeners on a journey through the decades as they turn the beginnings of electronic music into modern hits.

Although this may be their debut EP, BETAWELT are no strangers to the dance music scene with more than twenty years behind the decks. This is on full show within the EP as old school dance music elements, sounds, and styles are woven into a new and fresh feeling, also showcasing the talents that this duo has.

The EP contains 5 tracks, each expertly crafted to seamlessly work side by side as if the whole EP was one entire track. A slick production style can be heard all throughout, with generational disco, soul, and electronic synths and sounds on show while a modern and addictive spin is added to keep both old and new listeners satisfied.

Stream this EP below.

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