BKAY Drops Killer New 4-Track EP ‘Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM’!

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BKAY Drops Killer New 4-Track EP ‘Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM’!

Having made his debut in 2017, BKAY has been making strides ever since. The Los Angeles-based artist is known for his diverse and unique production style, always wanting to step outside the box and utilizing many styles for his songs. With his productions, BKAY has ventured into the worlds of progressive house, electro house, future bass, melodic dubstep, deep house, and everything in between. This diverse personality for music has led to some incredible releases and his latest is no exception. Delivering in style, BKAY unveils 4 brand new club heaters within his ‘Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM’ EP.

The EP kicks off with ‘Undressed’, a semi-dark toned deep house single with catchy and gripping synths and vocals, the perfect track to set the tone. ‘Close To Me’ is up next, another deep house single but BKAY keeps is fresh with electro-infused synths on top of progressive basslines, a wonderful mesh of styles. This is then followed up by ‘Restless’, a vocal-driven single that is sure to grab your attention right from the start. The deep-lying bassline is this one completely compliments the vocals and when combined with unique top lines synths, the result is out of this world. As if the EP couldn’t get any better, it closes out with ‘Last One Dancing’. An upbeat toned single compared to what’s come before, BKAY showcases more infectious tones in this one and you won’t be able to help but start grooving to it. An EP with tracks that are similar but with their own flavour, we can’t choose our favourite!

Stream this EP below.

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