Dvlex Returns With Exceptional New Single ‘Home’!

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Dvlex Returns With Exceptional New Single ‘Home’!

Dvlex returns with his chart-worthy strain of soul-soothing pop production in the form of his new single ‘Home’. With an intimate vocal delivery that drives the touching lyrics into your very soul, Dvlex isn’t afraid to get personal while creating huge, floor-filling sounds and teasing explosive drops.

‘Home’ beautifully recites the story of how love will always prevail, even in the darkest of times, It tackles a profound philosophy, that growth and change are inevitable and after heartbreak, a new ‘home’ can be found with new love and life experiences. Dvlex’s sound is every bit enticing, with euphoric synths and chopped samples that create an entirely new soundscape. Never one to shy away from fusing organic sounds and super-slick production, ‘Home’ is a bouncing pop track with a chorus that you’ll be humming in your sleep, taking his production and authentic sound to new levels. 

Dvlex set the expectations incredibly high as he released his first single just a couple of weeks ago and this new single is another exceptional one to add to his discography. With his electronic journey just beginning, Dvlex has set himself up perfectly for a career of success as he aims to follow up on these tracks with more high-quality releases.

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Dvlex’s upbringing isn’t what you’d expect from an electronic producer. Growing up in a house where classical and Bollywood music was the norm, his fascination, and love of western music blossomed during his high school years as he listened to R&B, Pop, Dance music, and Hip-Hop. In a bid to meet more like-minded people, Dvlex decided to put out his first track ‘Afterparty’, beginning his journey in the western music scene.

Stream this single and view the official music video below.

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