Miko Versy, JuHyung, And Ailis Blue Drop Halloween Banger Titled ‘Spooky Skulls’!

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Miko Versy, JuHyung, And Ailis Blue Drop Halloween Banger Titled ‘Spooky Skulls’!

It’s that time of the year once again as horror films and shows dominate the box office with dress-themed parties taking place all over the world. With so many events all across the globe which are Halloween-themed, the demand for a real festival banger goes through the roof. In step Miko Versy, JuHyung, and Ailis Blue as they unleash a big room anthem titled ‘Spooky Skulls’.

Working together expertly, these three artists utilize their teamwork and diversification to blend each style together, creating a massive mainstage bomb that is sure to go off and send the crowd into a frenzy. Not only is it the perfect club weapon for this Halloween, but its freshness in terms of style and sounds used makes it have the perfect longevity for years to come.

This single kicks off with a filtered bassline and kicks that are quickly joined with an infectious driving melody, setting the tone right away. The break down them comes as they introduce the Halloween-themed sounds. It doesn’t take long for energy ad power to be injected as the trio head towards the drop. The drop comes and those basslines and synths start to do the talking, with so much energy packed into them you won’t be able to resist raising your hands up. A festive banger, any DJ should add this one to their setlist.

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