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Bonsche Delivers With Another Great Release ‘OMG’!

Making music from a very young age, German musician and audio engineer Bonsche specializes in productions which are based around instruments. Being able to play piano and guitar helps Bonsche create a certain style that can’t be mimicked. Since early 2018, Bonsche has been releasing a constant flow of quality productions and has amassed over 8 million online streams since then. Bonsche is proud with the work he puts into every production he unveils to the world.

Following up on his previous single ‘I Don’t Miss You’Bonsche shows off his creativity within the studio as he pushes the boundaries of electronic music. Incorporating many different elements and styles and blending them stunningly makes ‘OMG’ stand out from the crowd. As the track progresses, we are brought on a journey through sound as Bonsche production and song writing skills are on show. ‘OMG’ is definitely a song to add to your favorites.

Stream the single below and grab your copy here.

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