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Castor & Pollux Reflect On ADE, Amsterdam Adventures, And ‘Shot In The Dark’!

Returning to Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is always an exhilarating experience for the dynamic duo, Castor & Pollux. As they navigate the bustling city, reconnecting with fellow artists and immersing themselves in the pulsating energy of the music industry’s heartbeat, the twins share insights into the essence of ADE—a platform not only for parties and networking but a catalyst for renewed inspiration. In this exclusive interview, we delve into their Amsterdam escapades, the excitement surrounding their upcoming release ‘Shot In The Dark’ on Revealed, and the profound impact of showcasing their music on revered labels. From dream collaborations to the duos that fuel their creative fire, Joe and Pete Romano offer readers a glimpse into their world, concluding with a tantalizing preview of what’s in store as they gear up for an electrifying 2024.

Hey guys, how does it feel to be back at ADE?

I’m not saying it feels like coming home, but it feels great. Seeing all the artists that you saw last year, you kind of create this bond where it’s like, it’s not like it’s every year you see each other but it’s just kind of like, you’re reconnected again and just talking about music, talking about the industry. It’s a great place to be because when you go back home, it gives you that motivation to go back into the studio create new things.

For someone who has never been to ADE, can you describe it?

Yeah, well, you’re definitely missing out on a lot of networking. I mean, as an aspiring producer, DJ, I think that’s the most important thing. Your network is your net worth and I think coming to this sort of thing and meeting as many people as possible, you get to build that network, you get to build those relationships. Another big thing too, is meeting with A&R’s. So, if you’re talking to an A&R, and you’re always emailing, it’s always good to put a face to an email.

Away from the parties and all the networking, what is your favorite thing to do when in Amsterdam?

Having a lot of Heineken? No, I mean, honestly, we haven’t really explored that much just because we’ve been running around like last year and this year just going around doing as much networking and speaking with all the artists that we know, for a while. I’d love to like experience Amsterdam in a different way but I just feel like everyone comes to this week and it’s a way of just like going each party, seeing the people that you want to see, and then just meeting the people that you want to meet.

You’ve got a new single coming out this week, how excited are you for it to be hitting the streaming platforms?

So funnily enough, that track is called ‘Shot In The Dark’ and it’s coming on Revealed this week and we’re super excited for it. We actually made it last year in December, finished the idea and sent it to the vocalist Linney, she crushed her part. We got that first version in February and then we sent it to Over Easy to put their touch on it because they’ve worked with her in the past. It’s a track that we’ve been playing out since February and there’s been multiple versions so yeah, we’re really excited for it to be here. This is a record label for us that we’ve always looked up to and now we our second release on it, it’s amazing.

How does it feel to be putting your music out on these highly respected labels?

From our perspective, a year or two ago, we were on the small labels and we tried to build that credibility but when you hit the bigger labels, more people will support you and your profile becomes a lot bigger, a lot more people take you more seriously.

You’ve released a ton of collabs over the years, what would be your dream collab?

For us, it’s obviously Hardwell. He’s been our inspiration since day one. I was actually talking to someone about this, probably like a month or two ago, just the way he carries himself and his brand is how we look at ourselves and want to be like, that’s what we want to emulate.

Are there any duos who give you inspiration?A

Speaking of duos, we were at the Rave Culture event with W&W and it was the first time we ever saw them. Those two guys are the ones that are keeping the big rom scene alive. The way they really built up the Rave Culture brand so those guys are always on our top list of duos.

Thanks for speaking with me, do you have anything else you’d like to say to the readers?

Our new single is the last release of the year that we have. We already have a couple lined up for 2024. On the shows front, we’ll be playing with Will Sparks in New York so we’re just building up the show calendar as we end the year and get going into 2024.

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