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Meetch Talks About His First ADE, New Music & More!

Stepping into the lively atmosphere of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) for the first time, Meetch shares the excitement of this transformative experience. Fresh from a groundbreaking meeting with a major agency, Meetch dives into his first impressions of ADE, highlighting the unexpected opportunities that can unfold in an instant. Reflecting on the possibility of attending ADE earlier in his career, Meetch acknowledges the timing’s unique alignment with his musical journey. Familiar with Amsterdam’s charm, he reveals his favorite pastime—strolling through the central city, discovering hidden food gems, and savoring moments of relaxation. In this exclusive interview, Meetch opens up about the delicate balance between maintaining a distinctive style and embracing evolution as an artist. Dreaming big, he shares his wishlist of collaborations with Dillon Francis and Madeon, artists whose diverse styles resonate with him. As the year draws to a close, Meetch gives readers a sneak peek into his upcoming releases and sets the stage for an electrifying 2024, leaving us with the promise of two eagerly anticipated songs that are bound to make waves in the music scene.

Hey Meetch, how does it feel to be attending your first ADE and what are your first impressions?

It’s incredible. I have a pretty big opportunity that just came to me yesterday at a meeting with a really big agency so really, really excited about it like it happened on the second day of the week and I’m like, pretty pretty blown away.

Do you wish you came to ADE sooner?

In a way, yeah, but things are different. I’ve been doing music for so long, and last year, as I was traveling across the world, I felt like it was finally time for me to like put all that into music so I can really, really push into it. So in a way, yeah, and at the same time, I might not have gotten like a pretty big opportunity to happen yesterday.

It’s not your first time in Amsterdam though, so what is your favorite thing about the city?

I love walking through the central city of Amsterdam. I love just finding a random food spot and I love to chill all the time. I like chilling here better than anywhere else.

How important do you feel it is as an artist to have your own style but also keep evolving?

I think it’s important but at the same time, I think it’s pretty important to be different in some aspect like I have one demo here that’s completely different from all the other stuff that I’ve done that I’ve been playing that I brought to demo drop and got some really awesome feedback yesterday. Maybe if I ever get to a level where I can do my complete own genre, I’d probably create my own genre or something like that, so I do think it’s important but at the same time I want to stick to what I like.

What would a dream collab of yours be?

I don’t know, maybe like Dillon Francis or Madeon. Two completely different styles, but I love them.

Looking at the end of the year, do you have any goals or targets you want to hit?

I think ADE was a really good way to kind of see where it takes me. I have a song that’s coming out on a record label and then I have this song that I was demo dropping so I have music that will get me to the end of the year. I’m working on some other stuff but I think that will be 2024.

Thanks for your time, do you have anything else to say to the readers?

Yeah, I’ve got two songs coming soon that I’m really excited about. The second one is going to be absolutely huge.

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