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Terry Golden Gives Us His ADE Insights, Musical Roots, And the Journey Back To His Original Sound!

Returning to Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Terry Golden embraces the city’s vibrant atmosphere and unparalleled networking opportunities. In this interview, Terry shares the essence of ADE, emphasizing its unique role in fostering global connections for music industry professionals. Having released numerous tracks this year, Terry discusses his artistic evolution, rediscovering his love for melodic techno and progressive house, and the joy of authentically following his heart. Reflecting on the importance of consistently releasing music, he reveals plans for a U.S. tour, highlighting the determination to share his music with a wider audience and the challenges of obtaining a visa. As Terry sets the stage for the future, his journey remains rooted in authenticity and a genuine passion for his craft.

Hey Terry, how does it feel to be back at ADE?

I enjoy it here. Amsterdam is a wonderful city and I enjoy meeting all the contacts you speak with over Instagram or WhatsApp during the year and then you also get to meet people from around the world. So I think it’s nice.

For someone who has never been to ADE, can you tell them what they’re missing out on?

If you’re a music artist, or if you’re anything in the music industry, you have to be here because this is a network like nowhere else. You don’t find this many people connected in the music business, all gathered together in a small radius of a few venues so I think it’s a no brainer, you have to be here.

Away from ADE, do you like to do anything else in the city?

No, I have to be honest. Because when I’m here for ADE, it’s super busy. Meeting after meeting after meeting and then you have like two or three mixers to go through during the evening and then maybe you want to see one of the big stars playing during the nighttime and then you wake up and a new day is coming.

You’ve had a ton of releases this year, along with a new direction for yourself as an artist, can you elaborate on that?

For me, when I started DJing many years ago, I did play melodic techno and progressive house. That was my favorite thing, has always been, and then I started producing. I was a big fan of the state of trance and so I said I gotta make tracks to put on Armin’s shows so I started making trance. I found it was not that easy to be honest.

So then MORTEN and David Guetta started this future rave sound, you know, so since I know MORTEN maybe I can get some good shows if I made the future rave sound but I was really just running around by somebody else. And in the end, I just have to go back to my roots. So for me this year is a ton of releases that have been released. And even more releases are coming. So for me, I just came back to my roots and I found it so easy to make music I really love and enjoy because it’s in my heart.

How important is it for you to follow your heart as an artist?

Based on experience, you’re not gonna make it if you don’t follow your heart.You can try to be somebody else but at the end of the day, you’ll get caught, right? So somebody will look you up on Twitter, or the music will not sound correct or you try to copy somebody else’s sound or whatever it is, but you will not make it. You have to follow your heart and believe in it.

Did you have any pressure or nerves taking this route?

No, not really, it was so natural for me. I’ve always been quite relaxed about what people think about me, I obviously would like people to enjoy my music but if I enjoy music, and I’m happy for me, that’s the first step and then you get signed to a label. I mean, that’s a proof of concept, right?

How does it feel to be on stage playing your own tracks?

Like nothing else. I mean, it just gives you a big smile in your face. You know the feeling when you have adrenaline, for me to get on the stage and get off stage and you had the coolest set for the cool audience. For me. I have the same feeling every time.

Is there a reason why you decided to release as much music as possible?

I think if you want to evolve as an artist, you have to consistently put out new music because music has some very short lifetime nowadays. From time to time somebody will make a big hit, but it will not stay forever. And then when you’ve got a lot of songs, you’ve got a big catalog that you’re like proud of.

What’s next for Terry Golden?

Yeah, we have one big thing and that to go to the US and start touring. So we are currently working on the visa because you need a visa and that’s super hard to get that. We’re working on that. So that’s that’s that’s coming soon, I hope.

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