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CAZZETTE Talks About His New Release, Getting Back On The Road, Experimenting With Musical Styles & More!

Three years in the making, CAZZETTE’s brand new single ‘A Day To Sing About’ is arguably their most beautiful yet, a message of strength rising out from the darkest of times, that CAZZETTE member Alexander Björklund calls an “ode to hope and bravery”. To celebrate the release of this brand new single, we spoke with member Alexander about a number of topics, full interview below.

Hey Cazzette, thanks for taking the time to speak with us! Let’s kick it off with ‘A Day To Sing About’, how happy are you with the finished product? 

Thanks for having me. I am very satisfied to have the song out there. I feel a great sense of accomplishment every time someone or myself releases new music. 

This single has been released at a time where live shows are finally coming back. How excited are you to be back performing? 

I am very happy to be back on the road playing shows again. Playing live is a big source of inspiration to me and djing is important to me since I often learn about arrangement and creativity playing. 

What did you miss the most about live shows and performing? 

Meeting people and traveling. It’s a nice contrast to being alone in the studio working on ideas and songs although both outlets are equally important.

With some releases during the pandemic, are you excited to see how the crowds will react to your recent releases? 

Its always a great pleasure playing your own songs live and I’m very excited to see read the reactions in any room. 

Although you’ve been releasing new music throughout the pandemic, have you been saving anything special for when crowds return? 

Every live show I play is unique as I don’t have a particular tracklist in mind except for the first and last song. Everything else is improvised. I find its the best way to stay in the moment and give every show the special attention it deserves.

Speaking of releases during the pandemic, did it feel different to release music during a time there was no shows? 

Not really. Releasing music comes with great pleasure with or without being able to play shows.

Over the years, you have diversified your sound and experimented with several genres. How important do you feel it is to broaden your tastes and releases as an artist? 

I think every artist has an individual journey and for me, it has been very important in order to learn and understand my craft. As a musician, it’s important to listen to different styles of music and I have yet to meet an artist who doesn’t.  

Are there any other styles or genres you’ve not tried that you’d like to? 

Sure! It would be fun to create an ambient record. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, is there anything you’d like announce with our readers? 

Thanks for having. Stay tuned for more new CAZZETTE music and I also just launched a new project called Midnight Battery which focuses on melodic techno and disco.

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