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Chasner Talks About His New Single, Working With Afrojack, Experimenting With New Genres & More!

Chasner and Afrojack are joining their powers once more and it is a force to be reckoned with. Their new track ‘Starts Right Now’ is coming out just before the start of the summer, ready to light the fire under many dancing shoes at the festivals. The collective urge to party is back and this future rave track is the one to get you there. We had the pleasure of speaking with Chasner on a number of topics ahead of this new release.

Hey Chasner, thanks for your time, how are you doing?
Heyhey, well thanks for having me. I’m doing great, surely since I’m finally releasing my new collaboration with Nick!

Let’s kick things off with your brand new single ‘Starts Right Now’ alongside Afrojack, how happy are you with the finished product?
‘Starts Right Now’ is a track which I’m very happy about. I think especially in this track you can really hear the Afrojack sound x Chasner sound combined in a dope way. What we wanted to create with ‘’Starts Right Now’’ is an energizing festival banger. We tested it out together on a Dutch festival where Nick had to play about 2 weekends ago and the crowd went crazy! That was such a cool experience, to play our collab together for the first time live, and see everybody jumping to the track. So yeah, very happy!

Not the first time you’ve worked alongside Afrojack. How is it to work alongside him?
Nope, not the first time, and surely not the last if you ask me hehe! All jokes aside, for me it’s still very dope to work with Nick. You know, as Afrojack, he has build a very impressive career. To see him working this hard every day is something that really inspires me a lot. So being able to work with him, learn from him and being mentored during my career for the past years, it’s something that I’m very thankful for.

In your career, you’ve worked alongside some major acts and received countless support from industry heavyweights. How important was it for you in your early career to receive these plaudits and experiences?
I think for me it was always (and still is) very dope to see the ‘’big names’’ playing my music in their sets & radio shows. You know, it feels like a reward for all the studio hours you make as a producer every day. It also helped me very much with growing as an artist so far. To receive these plaudits and experiences in my early career also is something that motivates me every day to keep going and keep pushing, because some years ago all of this was just a ‘’dream’’.

Do you have any dream collabs that you’d love to add to your catalog in the future?
Oh, I always say this one, but I would really love to work together with Sia one day. I think her voice is really just mesmerizing. Also, Martin Garrix, Brooks, Hardwell & David Guetta are some of the artists I’d really like to make music with one day. I just can’t choose, a lot of them really inspire me in different ways.

This single kicks off your catalog for 2022, have you been working hard behind the scenes making new music since your last release in 2021?
Oh yeahhh.. the past year I’ve been working very hard on a lot of new music. Festival bangers, club bangers and more. Me and my team (Wall) are working very hard to make 2022 a year filled with a lot of new stuff. That’s also the title of the new track: ‘Starts Right Now’. It’s about the new chapter in my career as a DJ and producer. So, stay tuned

Over the past few years, you’ve dipped your toes into multiple styles and genres. How important is it for you to experiment and keep things fresh as a producer?
Well to me, very important. The tracks I’ve released so far are maybe only 4% of the music that I’ve worked on so far. I love to make all kinds of music to be honest. Over the past years I’ve been experimenting with a lot with different genres varying from house to Bigroom, from trap to Future bass, Future rave to ambient, all kinds off. Not only to keep yourselves fresh, but also to keep learning new things and improving your sound I think experimenting with different genres can be a great way to grow as a producer.

Also in the past few years, you’ve made debuts at some major festivals including Tomorrowland and Castle Of Love, how was it to step on stage and play your own music?
That was so sick. It feels like the payoff for all these years of hard work in the bedroom studio you know. To play your music live in front of 40.000 people, and seeing and hearing all these people dancing and ‘’heey hooo-ing’’ to your music, it’s the greatest feeling there is.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me! Do you have anything you’d like to announce with our readers?
Hell yeah! First of all I hope y’all like my new track with Afrojack ‘’ Starts Right Now’’. And, make sure to follow me on my journey – because there’s coming a lóooot more ^^

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