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Cody Lehmann Unveils New Remix Of ‘Obsession’ By Marster!

An artist never scared to let others work on his music, Marster has proved that not only is he a talented artist, but his music can also be twisted, altered, and tweaked to the vision of the producer, making his music the perfect recipe for those who want to work on it. One of the artists that Marster has worked with and allowed to remix his music is Cody Lehmann. Over the past couple of years, Cody Lehmann has put his own spin on Marster‘s singles ‘Paralyzed’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘All I Want’, ‘Let Me Fall’, and ‘Can’t Stop Myself’. Now returning to our new music feeds, Cody Lehmann puts his own spin on Marster‘s ‘Obsession’.

Having already proved to be the perfect artist to take on Marster‘s singles and turn them into his own, Cody Lehmann does so once again on his 6th remix. With the success of his previous remix of ‘Paralyzed’ still turning heads, Cody puts his touches on ‘Obsession’. With this remix, Cody Lehmann showcases a truly brilliant melodic style with uplifting melodies and euphoric synths taking center stage over a halftime beat that only adds to the emotion of this one.

Stream this single below.

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