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MarkMate Talks About His Latest Release, Crossing 1 Million Streams, His Goals For The Future & More!

Already supported by some of the biggest names in EDM like Don DiabloNicky RomeroMichael Calfan, and with appearances on Don Diablo‘s Hexagon Radio. The eighteen-year-old Producer/DJ MarkMate (Mark Matisons) continues to build his release portfolio with fresh and energetic tunes. We had the pleasure of speaking with MarkMate on a number of topics.

Hey MarkMate, thanks for speaking with us, how are you doing?
Hey! I’m doing well, thanks for having me!

Let’s kick things off with your brand new single, ‘Afraid’. How happy are you with the finished product and how has the response been this past week?
The response has been fantastic so far even before I publicly announced the track on my Instagram page, I showed it to a couple of my friends and all of them were really enjoying it. That made me even more excited for the release!

Your previous track ‘When We Touch’ gained over 100,000 streams in just over a month. How was it to see that single gain popularity?
Ever since I had the chords of  ‘When We Touch’ laid down on my computer I had a great feeling about the song so over the course of a couple of weeks I finalized it and sent it out to the A&R at Gahara. It feels incredible that so many people support something you love to do!

Of course, not the first single of yours to blow up, can you tell me a little about ‘Never Gonna (Be The Same)’ and your response when it crossed over 1 million streams?
I remember reaching 100k streams on my second ever release ‘Look Away’ and back then I was like “Well, if I hit 100k on my second track, there’s definitely a chance for me to get a track to a million streams” and around 2 years later it happened! I’m super grateful to everyone who has streamed and still keeps listening to the track, and of course massive shout out to the label TheLatestSounds for believing in me and making all this possible!

You have released 4 singles now since that one, did you feel any pressure when releasing those since that single has performed so well?
Before I released ‘Addicted to You’ I felt some sort of pressure by staying consistent with my releases and so far I have been able to stay consistent throughout summer with my releases, releasing tracks I had been making for well over a year like “No Limits” together with my talented friend Koa.

It’s been 3 years since your first single dropped in 2019, how have you grown as an artist since then?
I think since then the most noticeable change would definitely be the fact that my musical style has gone from a more festival friendly music to a more radio friendly music. Although I will try to release more festival and club friendly music like ‘Afraid’ from time to time.

If there’s one thing you would change about your journey so far, what would it be?
I don’t really feel like I would change anything, everything that happens, happens for a reason.

Looking toward the future, are you planning any more releases before the end of the year?
I have some exciting collabs in the works and I’m hoping to get them out by the end of the year, hopefully it works out that way!

What are your goals for the upcoming months?
I’m looking forward to starting making music production related content on YouTube!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, do you have anything else you’d like to reveal with our readers?
Check out my latest songs on my Spotify page and if you fancy some unreleased music be sure to drop a follow on my Instagram. Thanks again for having me!

Stream his latest single below.

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