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Cyberwalker Unveils Wonderful New Electronic Album ‘Essence of Life’!

Having really impressed with his 2020 album ‘Edge Of The Universe’, which was packed with 11 brilliant pieces of electronic music, Cyberwalker is back once again with his second album. Titled ‘Essence of Life’, this album, once again, showcases the wonderful sound of this emerging artist.

In a world that seems to be dominated by forgettable singles and recyclable sounds and styles, the anonymous Cyberwalker is making his time on this earth a memorable one as he aims to deliver special music in album form. Cyberwalker is a time traveller living in cyberspace, creating memories using retro sounds from the future and adding sounds of nature that surround us every day. The soundscape Cyberwalker envisions blends trance and synthwave genres with his music having an overall chill and cosmic mood. This is evident when you take a listen to his new album.

Packed to the brim with elegant electronic music that sounds natural in parts, ‘Essence of Life’ is a 10-track album. Bringing his vision to life within music, the trance and synthwave tones are heard throughout with his out-of-this-world vibe being the main driving force. As if you’re floating through space, listening to this album will have you take you on a journey as if teleported to another realm. With over 56 minutes in total, you will have this album on repeat for months to come.

“After being in special places that I’ve experienced memories through, I encountered something very important. It’s something that you can’t touch it but you can only feel it. So I invite you to come with me on a journey in time where you will experience the essence of life.”Cyberwalker

Stream this album below.

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