CyTreXX Opens Up His 2022 Catalog With Funky ‘Take Me Away Tonight’!

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CyTreXX Opens Up His 2022 Catalog With Funky ‘Take Me Away Tonight’!

Every artist has a different approach to music, depending on the genre, the attitude, and the background. Though, some artists have a versatility that makes them able to incorporate in their sound sonorities and vibes from styles very far apart. It is this versatility that makes CyTreXX’s music so unique and special. CyTreXX is a talented composer, songwriter, and producer from Canada. Driven by a natural musical instinct, his sound reflects an incredible versatility, a deep artistic sensibility that makes his music recognizable. This diverse and open approach to his music can be heard from his catalog, with releases that are infused with elements of disco, house, pop, deep house, electro wave, trance, and anything that may fall in between.

Showcasing his broad talents within the studio, CyTreXX treats us to an amazing funky single in the form of ‘Take Me Away Tonight’. Much like his previous singles, the Canadian producer uses natural and authentic elements and blends them with electronic sounds and vocals to create a unique end product. With a funky low end taking most of the attention, it’s in the subtle and playful vocal robot-styled samples that this single shines. Press play on this single and try to not dance as this one is certainly going to get you in that party mood.

Stream this single below or on your favorite platform here.

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