‘Dance It All Away’ With Frabbeatz And B-Tronix Brilliant New Single On Harmor Records!

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‘Dance It All Away’ With Frabbeatz And B-Tronix Brilliant New Single On Harmor Records!

When two artists link up the results can be perfect, with both artists blending their styles together for a recipe that is often unmatched. Coming together for the first time, the team of Frabbeatz and B-Tronix knock it out of the park with their brand new single ‘Dance It All Away’. A single about dancing your fears away, this track is packed with feel-good vibes and groovy tones. It won’t take long during your first listen to be hooked and with the care-free vibe that the single conveys, you won’t be worried about where you are or what you ar doing, you’ll be dancing it all away.

Ever since his early years, Frabbeatz has always been a music lover. Taking this love and passion and forming it into a career, Frabbeatz started his career by mixing music before it soon grew to be way more serious as time passed. Creating the image and name Frabbeatz in 2012, he has extensive knowledge in the scene which has led him to be booked at event after event with his name growing in popularity. Armed with something that makes him stand out from the crowd – a giant rabbit head – he knows exactly how to entertain and provide fun tracks for fans to dance to all night.

Much like Frabbeatz, B-Tronix fell in love with music when he was a young child, making it no surprise that he started DJing at there very young age of 15 years old. Having been in the scene for a couple of years, B-Tronix turned his attention to producing, honing his skills over the past couple of months. This has led to him releasing his very first single, ‘Dance It All Away’ alongside Frabbeatz.

For this new single, both artists got inspiration from the global pandemic. On all social media platforms, people started to move and dance their troubles away so they thought it would be great to have a song where people are motivated to dance and feel good. A song that is guaranteed to make you dance, this new single is coming at the perfect time with the light at the end of the tunnel.

Watch the music video below and grab your copy here.

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