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Danny EVIZA Makes Impressive Debut With ‘Lost’ Featuring Ruben Arthur!

Releasing their first single can be an intimidating experience for many artists, often leading to a less-than-impressive initial introduction. However, Danny EVIZA defies this trend by flawlessly captivating listeners with his debut single ‘Lost’ alongside Ruben Arthur, making a remarkable and lasting first impression.

A simplistic single on the surface but with some intricacies when you dive deeper into the sounds, ‘Lost’ is the perfect debut single for Danny EVIZA to showcase his signature sound as an artist. Blending elements of acid and deep house, Danny EVIZA lets each synth and sound take the limelight while also coming together to create something special.

By bringing in Ruben Arthur on vocal duty, the Italian artist adds another layer to the single, with his catchy lyrics and dynamic vocals being the perfect topline layer on top of that sultry instrumental. Sitting in at just under 3 minutes long, once this single ends you’ll find yourself hitting that reply button over and over again.

Stream this single below.

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