Denora, Scoop, And Zentilli0n Link Up On Powerful And Romantic Single ‘Hold Me, Kiss Me’!

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Denora, Scoop, And Zentilli0n Link Up On Powerful And Romantic Single ‘Hold Me, Kiss Me’!

‘Hold Me, Kiss Me’ is the latest dance single from French singer/songwriter Denora, created alongside English producer Scoop and German artist Zentilli0n. A powerful single with romantic lyrics, great melody, and brilliant vocals, this track is both catchy and uplifting, making it the perfect track for the dance floor.

Cannes, and Monaco-based singer, saxophonist, composer, and performer Denora enchanted music lovers across the European live club scene with her rich, jazzy vocals and saxophone chops before becoming the darling of the dance music scene with a string of European indie chart hits. Grew up in medical dynasty, Denora was the only one in her family, a “rebel” who became a musician, dreaming to be a singer since 6 years old, and following her childhood dream. During her study of vocal and saxophone, actor, and dance skills, Denora was a member of various professional music collaborations, jazz, pop, rock, rap, funk bands, creating her own recognizable music style. Her song ‘Needing You’ hit the #1 spot in the charts of independent music of Europe in 2019.

On the other side of this single, we’ve got Scoop and Zentilli0n, two incredibly talented producers and songwriters from the UK and Germany. Over the course of their career, they have created many different styles of music as they don’t like to sit in one box. Along with his productions, Scoop is also an A&R consultant to some of the biggest major labels in the world. Although not featured as an artist, John Fitzgerald, A&R Consultant To Steven Cooper of Warner Music also wrote the single. Together, Denora, Scoop, Zentilli0n, and John Fitzgerald combine effortlessly for what is sure to be another hit single in each artists’ discography.

Stream this single below.

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