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Dhvanil Blends Styles With His Single ‘Indian Ghetto’!

Having just covered his track ‘Mond’ with Highkey (which you can read about here), we have the pleasure of turning our attention to the solo single ‘Indian Ghetto’ by Dhvanil. Much like the previously mentioned single, Dhvanil showcases a wonderful talent for creating something unique, blending elements of electro house, speed house, and psytrance to produce an exciting and fresh electronic single.

The single opens up with a vocal sample that is quickly joined by the drum samples, setting the tone for what’s to come. As the single progresses, melodies are then introduced before quickly heading for the first drop with all elements coming together to shine. Before the single gets a little too repetitive, Dhvanil decided to switch things up and head for a psytrance infused drop with rattling basslines that will have any sound system shaking. An excellently crafted single, Dhvanil adds another cracking single to his catalog.

Dhvanil, a rising music producer based in New Delhi, India, has been passionately making his mark on the local EDM scene. With an admirable collection of vlogs and podcasts that highlight fellow producers from various parts of India, Dhvanil has fervently championed the world of EDM. In his visual narratives, he precisely captures and presents a wide spectrum of music festivals, skillfully connecting his native land with the global EDM community.

Stream this single below.

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