Dirty Sound Boys Releases ‘Go Bro!’ On Don Diablo’s Hexagon!

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Dirty Sound Boys Releases ‘Go Bro!’ On Don Diablo’s Hexagon!

The Dirty Sound Boys Portuguese project features the song ‘Go Bro!’ by Generation Hex (sub-label of Hexagon). After releasing ‘Deep End’ last February on Don Diablo‘s label, they returned to the “Home for New Talents” with a Tech Bass track, a mix of two great House Music genres: Tech House and Bass House.

The idea behind the production of ‘Go Bro!’ as Jorge Apolónio tells us, “it appeared as a continuation of the first release in Hexagon, ‘Deep End’ which already has almost 30,000 views on YouTube and Spotify about 14,000 streams. In this approach to this new style, it has been possible to perfect small details that make a big difference in the final result of the track now released”.

“Getting two songs in the same year at Hexagon is a dream come true and a unique feeling to have the work recognized by the label and by Don Diablo himself. Given that this producer is one of our great inspirations from the beginning, he is an extra motivation to continue producing music and to promote our brand more and more internationally”, says Jorge Apolónio.

‘Go Bro!’ reinforces the new identity of the Dirty Sound Boys project where signature elements such as the bass line, a strong kick drum to set the rhythm and presence, as well as the drums and synths help to create a more lively vibe around the new music. Dirty Sound Boys take the change in style from Big Room to Tech Bass out of the need to explore something new, more challenging and captivating. “The pandemic itself also made us rethink whether Big Room was really the direction we wanted to give the project and the best solution was even to opt for a new challenge creating Tech Bass, a new style and a new sound little explored in Portugal”, completes the artist.

With a career of 12 years, this is a fresh start for Dirty Sound Boys who continue to challenge and explore the new style and make the “Tech Bass” known to the dance music community in all 6 countries where it has the biggest followers, such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, and Brazil but also the new followers of the project and its new sound. The song ‘Go Bro!’ has the stamp of Hexagon label, debuted on Don Diablo‘s Radio Show, and is available on all digital platforms.

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