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DJ G-String Unveils Wonderful Dance Pop Remix Of ‘Your Love’!

Rising artist DJ G-String is a female music producer on the rise. Having discovered her love for creating music at a very young age, the American-born artist made her debut in 2020 with the single ‘Tioli’ and she has not looked back since. In the short time since, DJ G-String has gained notable accolades with spots in the Beatport top 100, along with publications on well-respected outlets such as We Rave You and among others. Having recently released the original track titled ‘Your Love’, DJ G-String is taking it to the next level unveiling a brand new dance-pop remix.

DJ G-String takes the original track and turns it from an electronic-based vocal anthem into a future house floor filler. With inspiration from the likes of David Guetta and Lost Frequencies, DJ G-String has the dance floor in her mind with this one and the results are epic. With infectious piano melodies throughout, amazing vocals, and groovy underlays, this single is sure to get any dancefloor across the world in the party mood.

On the remix, DJ G-String says: “I wanted to do a remix of this track and I was also listening to a lot of David Guetta, Cray, and Lost Frequencies. I wanted a style that could bring the mainstream vibe to it but still have the house roots. I bounced some ideas off my friends who also produce dance music and I did get some good feedback/suggestions. Coming from the love of alternative rock music and then having the love of Disco and Soul music it kind of shows in what I tend to create in my original versions. With the love-driven lyrics with the pairing vocals, I want to captivate the emotional aspects of my audience. What is fun is many people didn’t notice that I did vocally scream a section of the original and you will be able to tell it in this version.  I want my audience to feel the emotions of the lyrics, so when they hear my music, they are like wow that helped me or inspired me, similarly to how other artist’s music has influenced me in this ‘thing’ we call life.”

Stream this single below or on your favorite platform here.

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