DJ Greyhound Releases Emotive New Single ‘Family’!

DJ Greyhound Releases Emotive New Single ‘Family’!

Branching out into different genres can be a tough and daunting task for emerging producers as their aim to deliver hit after hit and build an audience is their top priority. Step in the very talented artist DJ Greyhound who seems to have struck the perfect balance between a signature style and experimenting outside of it.

From the start of 2020, DJ Greyhound has released some amazing singles, mostly with the mainstage style in his mind but that doesn’t stop him from venturing outside of his comfort zone to deliver a stunning single. That’s exactly what he has done with his first release of 2022, ‘Family’.

Turning away from the power and energy of big room and electro, DJ Greyhound dons his melodic side for this one. The single is built around a stunning melody that is paired with high-pitched vocals, both of which combine smoothly to create a sonic blend of elements. The main ingredient for this one is how DJ Greyhound layers elements together and keeps them rolling throughout leading to an overall wonderful production.

Stream this single below.

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