DJ Serafin Releases Eclectic Dance-Pop Track ‘Saves Me’ ft. Sammy Slade!

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DJ Serafin Releases Eclectic Dance-Pop Track ‘Saves Me’ ft. Sammy Slade!

Record pool owner, highly-skilled remixer, and disc jockey, DJ Serafin has made a name for himself as a major pop-electronic artist globally since 2006. Known for his unique style, technical DJ skills, and ability to rework the classics into a modern-day sound- the producer caught the attention of the dance music world once again this month with his release of ‘Saves Me’ featuring Sammy Slade. Out now on Blended Records, the uplifting single immediately takes listeners on a journey back to the joy and nostalgia of the 2000s indie pop era.

Featuring Florida-based Sammy Slade, ‘Saves Me’ delivers timeless vocals, otherworldly synths, and an eclectic mix of pop and dance music that is sure to fill the stereos of listeners across the globe. The two artists have collaborated in the past on their 2021 electro-pop single, ‘Play’, which received high accolades in the dance music space. The idea for the newest single came during a long drive home when a spontaneous spark of creativity led Serafin to pull out his laptop and start creating. ‘Saves Me’ brings a new evolution of classic reworks to the forefront of Serafin’s production- resulting in an absolutely essential feel-good track. DJ Serafin touches upon his initiative to create a new wave of electronic music that reimagines fan favorites below.

“Classic never dies right? History always repeats itself- what’s better to do than modernized classic history.”DJ Serafin

Originally hailing from The Philippines, Jeremy Serafin Jimenez has become a force to be reckoned with as one of the top open-format DJs in the world. With a background as a SAG-verified actor and a professional X-Games in-liner, he combined his love for performing and music together when he made his debut as a professional DJ in 2006. Since then, he has been a DJ Times Top 100s DJ for four years running, an official Superbowl 2018 artist, and the Official F1 Singapore DJ for three years running. It is safe to say that he has been no stranger to the spotlight for the last decade. Taking on stages across Singapore, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Hollywood, and many more- the esteemed artist has undoubtedly made a name for himself internationally. Today, DJ Serafin has multiple residencies across the States, mentors rising artists in Ableton, owns a local boutique talent agency named Serafied DJs, plays DASH Radio every Friday, and owns the only electronic music record pool named Pitch the Tempo with Romi Lux.

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