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DoBadlyy Presents ‘Bad Radio’ Episode 005 With A Guest Mix By Lotis!

As the coronavirus continues to keep many electronic dance music fans stuck in their homes for the foreseeable future, a multitude of artists have decided to take advantage of this situation and deliver personally curated DJ mixes to their fans. Included in these artists is the very talented DoBadlyy, as they opened their brand new show ‘Bad Radio’. Only a couple of weeks later and the duo are treating us to the fight installment, alongside a guest mix by Lotis.

Lotis is a vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who doubles as a DJ in the local EDM scene in Charleston, SC. Her live mixes range from deep house to melodic dubstep and dark bass/mid-tempo. While heavily influenced by today’s top dark EDM producers, her solo music is also inspired by the industrial rock bands she grew up on, like Linkin Park and Nine Inch Nails. As a vocalist, she has worked with several up and coming EDM artists and has released tracks with Hollow, Serion, Sappheiros, and SubAtlas. Her most recent release was a vocal feature called ‘Where’ via cinematic label New Dawn Collective. Earlier this year, she dropped an official remix of ‘Vapor’ by BVLVNCE as a contest winner on his ‘Elements Remixed’ album.

After showcasing their drum and bass side with their previous episode, DoBadlyy open up the 5th episode by going back to their original mid-tempo bass style. Using an attention-grabbing tracklist and combining it with seamless transitions, DoBadlyy set the tone for an amazing listen. The mix is then taken to the next level as LOTIS takes control and delivers with tons of melodic and heart-wrenching tracks. Her incredible track selection is doubled alongside her mixing skills which tops this episode of ‘Bad Radio’ off perfectly.

Stream this mix below.

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