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Dubvision Talk New Single ‘Anywhere With You’, Evolving As Artists, Returning To Live Shows & More!

Dutch brothers Victor and Stephan Leicher, collectively know as DubVision, are one of the biggest trailblazers within the progressive house scene. Always ones to push the envelope in terms of sounds and styles, the duo have been on the top of their game for well over a decade. With over 50 million YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify plays, they have marked themselves out as a serious force in EDM. To celebrate the release of their brand new single, ‘Anywhere With You’, we had the pleasure of speaking with the duo about a number of topics. Read the full interview below.

You guys just dropped your brand new single ‘Anywhere With You’ together with Afrojack and Lucas & Steve. How happy are you with the finished product?
Victor: Yes, we’re extremely happy with it. It’s actually a track that has been in the works for a long time, we got the idea from Afrojack and we had been working on it for some time. The first initial version was more like a traditional Dubvision, progressive, festival track. And then we were thinking, it needs to be a little bit more radio-friendly, a little bit more commercial so to say and Afrojack came with the idea to introduce the Lucas & Steve boys. We’ve been friends with them also for a long time so it was easy, one plus one idea and we’re super excited it’s finally out.

If this single is more on the commercial or radio side, will we be hearing that special first version any time soon?
Stephan: That’s funny you mention it because there is going to be a festival remix of it so it’s that’s got to be tougher, more like the Dubvision sound that you’re used to.

Victor: The first version that we made, which was intentionally the idea of bringing the big festival progressive sound that we’ve been working on. So we’re going to have the one that’s a little bit easier listening to and the actual festival one that everyone’s going to play. I believe Lucas & Steve have played it live, we’ve played it on our show, Afrojack played it at UNTOLD so yeah, it’s going to be sick.

This is the first time you’ve worked with Lucas and Steve on a track, but it’s not the first time with Afrojack. What do you feel they brought to the table, compared to your previous releases?
Stephan: As Victor just mentioned, they are very good at making a track commercial and radio-friendly. So I think they added the curls and the little commercial twinkles in the project and that made it really easy listening for the people who are listening on the radio and Spotify.

You mentioned this track has been in the works for a long time. Have you guys been spending more time in the studio due to the pandemic?
Victor: Yeah. Of course, it sucks that we are not able to tour and we love touring we love DJing but it’s also been a very productive year for last for almost two years now that we’ve been in the studio working on so much stuff. We did a lot of remixes, we did all tracks for ourselves that we still, that we can play out for the first time now when we’re starting to tour again. I think it has been one of the most productive years of our career, producing-wise.

You guys have released a lot of new music over the past two years, are you excited to see the live crowds’ response to these tracks?
Victor: Yeah, it’s like we said, you can’t play them so it’s very different from the normal way we produce music because then we can test it out, see if it works and then we go back into the studio and work on it again. And now, I think we also made the last year we made a little bit more music focused on Spotify, and a little bit more streamable than the normal festival bangers we make. But, we’ve been saving that up so now we’re gonna be able to play it out, and then we’re going to release that in the upcoming year.

Is ‘Anywhere With You’ the first of the special tunes you’ve been saving for the return of live crowds?
Stephan: Yeah, this is a very big track and we also did a track with Armin along with working on some new collaborations with big artists. As Victor mentioned, we took time to reinvent our sound, reinvent ourselves, trying to make a new progressive house just so that when we’re going to play in a year that people don’t say the guys are just doing the same stuff that they used to do. So we took a lot of time to use different kinds of sounds, it’s still progressive but you know, a different sauce so to say and, this new one is a big cherry on the pie.

Talking about reinventing yourselves do you feel it is important to keep evolving as you grow?
Stephan: It’s very important, just like I mentioned, it’s not cool to do the same trick over and over and over again, and especially when you have so much time that we had in the last year, not touring, we had so much time to make a lot of music and try a lot of different sounds and I think it’s important to, you know, give the audience a wow effect every time when you play for them. I think it’s just fair when you have so much time to make music and to go into the studio, we did, like, 5 days of the week for such a long time, like studio, studio, studio. Yeah, we hope that people are going to be very happy with the new stuff that we made and we are very, very happy that we’re going to tour soon because, you know, normally we can play it out and we go back to the studio but now we have a year of music that we couldn’t play it out so it’s going to be an exciting time.

Back on your soon and you recently played your first show back after a long time. How did it feel to be finally back on stage behind the decks?
Victor: Yeah, it was amazing. We did one gig around New Year in Thailand, which was very brief. We were supposed to do a couple of shows but then the COVID situation got a little out of hand so we went back. So we had one show in between but this was the first one that was actually like feeling like a real festival again, yeah it was amazing, a little bit surreal. But first, we were kind of nervous personally, in the beginning, but as soon as you get on the stage and you start playing then it feels like all the time, we’ve been doing it for so long so it was amazing. Getting the energy of the people and we were playing some new music and seeing the reaction of them, it’s amazing. That’s what you do it for in the end.

Is there anything you miss about life during the pandemic?
Victor: Yeah, like I said it’s been a very productive year and before it was always difficult to manage the touring with producing, you had to finish stuff on the road and obviously it’s always best to work in a decent studio and take your time for some stuff but now when we’re starting to do a lot again we probably need to find a balance again between producing and touring. Also, of course, we’ve never been with our families so for so long, I think, normally we were always gone but now we’ve been home for a while. So that’s also something that we’ll probably miss but it’s very exciting to be going touring again, it’s been too long.

Thanks to both of you guys for taking the time to speak with us. Is there anything you’d like to announce with our readers?
Stephan: Yeah, like we said, this track is a cherry on a pie, it’s a track that we’re very happy with it but there’s so much coming. Keep an eye on the socials and you guys will be the first to know what’s coming, but there’s a lot of coming. We’re also going on tour again so there’s going to be a lot of cool, cool stuff going on.

Watch the official music video for ‘Anywhere With You’ below.

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