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DJ Shaan Opens Up About His Achievements, India’s Growing EDM Scene, His Record Label Experiences & More!

DJ Shaan is one of the youngest and leading pioneers in the dance music industry in India. At the young age of just 15, he made his debut at Sunburn Festival in Goa, to become at that time the youngest person to play a music festival. From there, things only got bigger and bigger. In 2014, DJ Shaan played the main stage at Sunburn Festival and landed a record deal with Armada Music along with a slot at Tomorrowland, becoming the first Indian to perform at the Belgian festival. Since then, he has played alongside artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell, Afrojack, and many more. Having become India’s only DJ / Producer with 25 releases on international labels, we had the pleasure of speaking with DJ Shaan about his accomplishment and more.

You recently became the first DJ from India to have over 25 international releases, how proud are you of this achievement?
Honestly, it’s just a stepping stone to my goals. In hindsight, I feel like I could have released more haha, but at the same time 25 is a lot of music to have released! 

An achievement that was not so easy, do you feel your hard work over the years has finally paid off?
It’ll pay off honestly when the final goal is hit, but it feels good. It really does, the main goal was to get an Indian artist on the face of the global scale of dance music. I yet feel there is a lot more to do but this is a good start! 

Does the taste of this achievement make you want to work harder and hit even higher heights?
YES YES YES haha it always does! 

Included in those 25 releases, you’ve released under the banners of Republic Records, Sony Music, Virgin EMI, Universal Music, and more. How do you feel these labels helped with your growth over the years?
Armada built my foundation I would say, it gave me my first home and then the rest grew from there. Every label was a journey of it’s own Virgin EMI helped me reach my music to the American market which opened doors for Republic Records. Seems like all stepping stones, but I feel very much at home with Republic the team are like family! 

A not-so-known country for electronic dance music, do you feel it’s finally gaining traction in India and how does it feel for you to be one of the flag bearers when it comes to artists?
There is a long way to go, we have a lot of artists doing great things but don’t get the recognition they deserve. We have artists who have changed their goal to remain within the Indian market. So there is a lot of scope of growth I would say, but man oh man so much potential! 

Having not been performing live for nearly 2 years, how does it feel to be finally back?
Amazing, can’t say anything more than amazing. I’ve missed it way too much. 

You’ve released a few gems during the pandemic, did you save anything special for the return of live crowds?
In one manner I’ve changed my whole set around. It’s all pure DJ Shaan music now, and I think that feels amazing to another extent. 

Can we expect to hear those at celebratory event on the 30th?
That entire set was pure Shaan music! 

Thanks for your time, is there anything you’ve like to announce with our readers?
I’m coming for the world haha!

Stream his latest single below.

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