Dutch Duo Vicetone Return With New Single ‘Shadow’ ft. Pop Singer-Songwriter Allie X!

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Dutch Duo Vicetone Return With New Single ‘Shadow’ ft. Pop Singer-Songwriter Allie X!

Following an unprecedented global movement behind their viral hit single, “Astronomia,” Vicetoneare back with their latest original track, “Shadow feat. Allie X” on Monstercat. Exploring the darker side of their polished productions, the Dutch duo craft a moody melodic progression around the intoxicating vocals from Canadian pop musician, Allie X. Unleashing a haunting new soundscape, “Shadow” is a testament to Vicetone’s artistic depth and widespread appeal.

Vicetone share, “Shadow explores the darker side of love and infatuation, with a haunting melody that we can’t get enough of. Allie X really nailed the vibe of the vocal and we couldn’t be more excited to be working with her.”

Allie X adds, “This is a song about listening to a side of yourself that is often thought of as a burden or an embarrassment. I have been fascinated with Jung’s shadow self, for some time now, long before BTS made it popular, ha. I relate to the idea of letting the darker side of your consciousness have its freedom and voice.”

Soaring to new streaming heights and global recognition, Vicetone’s “Astronomia” has earned over 170 million plays on Spotify alone after soundtracking the wildly popular ‘coffin dance’ meme that flooded TikTok earlier this year. Their latest single, “Animal ft. Jordan Powers & Bekah Novi” sparked excitement around new music from the duo, and fans can expect more to come as they prepare their annual 2020 end of year mix. 

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