Edy Marron Brings The Power With Bouncy New Single ‘All The Way’!

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Edy Marron Brings The Power With Bouncy New Single ‘All The Way’!

The Spinnin’ Records talent pool has given birth to and became the platform for some amazing artists and their music. Step in the experienced and talented producer Edy Marron as he makes his debut on the highly respected record label with his new single ‘All The Way’. Always striving to bring something fresh to the table, Edy Marron does just that with this single as he brings a future house sound packed to the brim with equal parts power and groove, with the end result being a funky high-tempo dance single perfect for dance floors all across the world.

From the land of DJs, Edy Marron is a 39-year-old Dutch DJ and producer with tons of experience and knowledge within the dance music scene. Not only does he have the experience but he also has the talent to match it. This talent and experience has led to some amazing and noteworthy achievements for the artist with his most productive year being 2019 with a total of 48 tracks released. With momentum on his side, he is now closing out 2021 in a major way as he makes his Spinnin’ Records debut with ‘All The Way’.

With this single, Edy Marron brings a fresh vibe to the future house scene as he aims for both power and groove in a creative way. The single kicks off with simple but effective synth work that is accompanied by male vocals. The vocals and lyrics are memorable which adds to the longevity of this single but the single really kicks into a high gear as we head towards the drop and once it hits we are not disappointed. A infectious melody is played by the topline synths and the groovy and bouncy underlying bass is one to die for, making this single an overall hit.

Stream this single below.

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