Erick Diaz With An Awesome Live Set!

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Erick Diaz With An Awesome Live Set!

San Diego native Erick Diaz is no stranger to the electronic music scene. Being in the business for over 10 years and holding residencies in big clubs like Avalon Hollywood and Intervention at the Hard Rock Hotel, he has been making a huge name for himself in the Southern California region. During the past couple of years he has been stepping away from the decks and into the studio to give us a number of strong productions including ‘Fade’ and ‘Way Back When’. However, we take a look at his latest live set from Bang Bang when he opened up for Boys Noize.

The job of a DJ is very important as you have to make sure the crowd enjoys their time, and it can be especially difficult if you are opening for a well known act. You have to warm the crowd up very nicely so they are excited to hear the main act while also making sure you don’t tire them out, which Erick Diaz does perfectly. His music selection for this live set is incredible and through out listening, you can feel that he is slowly building up the energy for the main act. Right from the start he sets the tone with awesome groovy singles which work so well with each other as he transitions through them. As he progresses through his mix, he takes a dark tone which brings him away from the groove and gets the crowd ready for the main act which is great! Erick Diaz proves why he has had a long career in this business with this mix.

You can listen to the full mix below.

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